Ah, been a bit out of the game, so here it is! Kinda bummed that my first ever trip to Boston — a place I’ve always wanted to visit — was so brief and packed with work and work-related activities, but it was a interesting, enlightening week spent. The Mobius conference was, as always, a fun and enlightening chance to catch up with industry pals and peep the next generation of WinMo stuff (but not before arousing the ire of at least one industry exec). The reader meetup was explosive, tons of fun; afterward Pete, Jill, and I some time afterward with V’s college pal Josh.

Last night the inimitable Robert Scoble swung by to shoot an ep of ScobleShow Cribs; he caught me running at the mouth the good (and not so good) gadgets kicking around my place right now. For forty five freaking minutes. I hope he’s got some good editors.

Also, the commercial contest, which I’ve been working on for the past week? Total success — tons of fun. And finally, the new ep of Lost… majorly disappointing. The first 3 minutes are outstanding, the rest is just prisoner plotline, being locked up and feeling claustrophobic. I also got a shocking reminder of why live television sucks: five commercial breaks in one hour. No wonder DVD editions of TV shows sell so well. And don’t even get me started on DVRs.