SF Chron, Kevin
Today The SF Chronicle has an A-1 story on the new tech office: anywhere, any time; it’s one part report on a new generation of telecommuting / virtual-office working / decentralized employees, and one part account of tech bedouins — including my pals Niall, who took the above photo, Kevin, and Om — a subset of this class of “web workers” who, tired of sitting at home, are making coffee shops and coworking spaces their new work environs. The article focuses mainly on entrepreneurs, the driving force behind the DIY business ethos. But this phenomena obviously isn’t limited to people striking it out on their own. While I’m still convinced that a significant number of the people at SF coffee shops are unemployed or have odd work schedules (as evidenced by their ceaseless Craigslisting), there’s no denying that the number of laptops + lattes out there has grown exponentially in the nine months I’ve been living here.

Myself? I like to think I represent the Fortune 50 crowd of coffee shop drifters. It might be a little more pro to sit at home surrounded by gear and papers and such or — god forbid — report to AOL’s downtown offices, but I’ve been working virtually since 2002 (with a stint in 2004-2005 working in an office, I quit for Engadget in 2005) and man, sometimes you really just need to get out of the house and be among the peeps!