My dichotomous feelings for the AP took a big turn for the affinity end today after reading their fess-up to banning Paris Hilton, even if only for a week. This Lloyd Grove quote kind of says it all: “She is, in the worst sense, the best expression of the maxim that no bad deed goes unrewarded in our pop culture.”

Oddly, I can relate the Paris ban to certain methods of coverage at Engadget; a direct example of taking on what Jarvis describes as the “one-size-fits-all disease” in media is, well, anything Google does. Any time Google announces a new product or changes something in Gmail, just about every blog in the CE space jumps onboard, and we get about a hundred or more tips or requests from readers to cover it — and by the latter half, many are outraged, wondering why we’re so slow to cover the big news. Unfortunately, it’s almost always not news for us, just like Paris Hilton certainly isn’t or shouldn’t be news for even the AP’s entertainment division (apparently for at least a week anyway). So we’ll leave the big traffic-driving Google stories to our pals at TechCrunch and let that be it.