I think it’s about time I asked the question: is Engadget’s daily wall-to-wall coverage too much of a good thing? I suspect it isn’t the first time (nor will it be the last), but Randall‘s pal J killed us from our feed for being guilty of high quality overload: “I’m about to delete my Engadget feed out of my feed reader. Why? They’re too good. They update too much. I can’t keep up. And that makes me feel bad about myself.”

I think J’s definitely taking it to heart, but I suspect he isn’t the first to give up. 40+ posts a day isn’t an easy thing to hang on to, even for the tech obsessed — I totally understand. Any feed that updates that often — even the NYT — I almost always end up expunging from my OPML. So short of posting less (sorry, just ain’t gonna happen), I wonder what creative things might be done to help readers hone in on the Engadget content they want? I have a number of ideas (the first and by far the easiest being that we try harder to make sure people are aware of our breaking news feed at http://www.engadget.com/tag/breaking+news/rss.xml), but I’m definitely curious to know how you, the Engadget reader, would prefer to get the latest tech news from us.