Vibrant Media ad
With tons of links, props, comments, and almost 600 Diggs (and counting) it’s clear that I’m not alone: people REALLY don’t like keyword popovers. So I did a little of the old Google n’ compile to come up with some possible solutions to get rid if this garbage advertising while the rest of the internet wises up. I haven’t tested these solutions, so caveat emptor.

  • Download the Firefox Adblock extension (I’m less a fan of this, because I don’t necessarily think we should block ALL ads, just the evil ones).
  • There are a couple of Greasemonkey scripts that disable inline text ads: here and here.
  • Add (and / or to your computer’s host file, point it to localhost ( More here.
  • Try Intelli<nix> for FireFox or IE — this is a manual solution that requires you using a bookmarklet on every page with those ads, so it’s less useful.
  • Try SafariBlock for Safari.
  • The manual solution: ask your favorite offending website to enable an opt-out. The IntelliTXT people only offer per-site opt out at the request of their clients (your web site), there’s no global opt-out. Sleazebags.