Fortune did a profile on us vs. them packed full of trite boxing riffs — the spin being, of course, that there’s this huge, bitter public rivalry between us and Gizmodo. I wasn’t sure how they were going to pull it off since it has all the makings of a non-story: two very different publications with two different angles and audiences. As it turns out the worst thing Copeland could get out of either of us is that I supposedly cut some line at an Apple event (there are no lines at Apple events, just big nebulous groups of reporters waiting at the gate).

I don’t actually find it strange that I wasn’t quoted, either. I’m more prone to discuss the competition from all sides (CNET, Wired, even BoingBoing, etc., not just Giz) and that just doesn’t really fare well when you’re trying to do a Pepsi and Coke story. The landscape looks a little different when you’re not clamoring to the top. But the story does get one thing right in that Brian and I are good friends and have immense respect for one another — and no one has ever had to “press” me to admit as much.

P.S. -And no, we didn’t pose together for that photo, although I have no doubts that Brian could kick my ass in real life! Also, I’m taller.