You know what this country needs? A brand new office of the government! One that exists only to enforce IP laws, targeting stiffer penalties and larger fines for sharing media. Oh, and to manage mass seizures of private citizens’ equipment, that’s a good one too. While we’re at it, what about a new IP division of the DOJ so they can enact swifter justice upon the evil file sharing citizens? Money’s no object around her, let ‘em spend tens of millions of dollars on it; let them pay some dude nearly $200k a year to serve as a piracy liason to the White House. This all sounds great to me. When do we get started?

Oh, congress already got in front of this and intros the PRO IP act? Jeremy’s got plenty more to say about it. Me, I’ve got just a couple of words to say to the lawmakers wasting our money on this garbage: stop. Just stop, please.