I’m not really too into the whole new year’s thing, but there are a few rolling resolutions I’ve been after:

  • Up my number of total vacation days taken. Been getting better about this, but really looking forward to this year.
  • Travel less. Yes, less. Spend more time in the bay area.
  • Get that gamerscore up past 5k. Totally doable.
  • Get my data in order. Everything from contacts to media. Oh sure, it SOUNDS easy.
  • Resurrect the Engadget Index. Sorry Tony, I swear, it’s gonna friggin’ happen!
  • Buy our next place. Been after this one a while. I should probably consult my friend Alan, the real estate magnate.
  • Watch more films. Originally “watch more foreign films”, and then I remembered an increasingly short attention span combined with little free time means the ratio is actually pretty decent.
  • WQXGA. Totally.