iPhone two-pane email
So I was looking over my Macworld 2007 keynote coverage the other day and noticed something just about everyone — myself included — glossed over as the months passed between its January introduction and June launch: the iPhone once had a two-pane email client. (You can even see the view mode selector up top! This later became the edit button.)

Anyone who knows me and my email-addicted ways knows how desperately I loathe the iPhone’s mail client, and, given its frequency of use, how much I wish they’d improve it. Apple: three simple steps to make email nerds like me happy.

  1. Add delete for multiple / all messages.
  2. Fix the annoying bug that just lets the iPhone idle while some HTML messages are not downloaded / parsed.
  3. Give us (back) the two-pane view mode!

That’s not so hard, now is it? One more minor email client diff after the break.

iPhone email direction change
Oh yeah, and they nixed the “x of y” messages indicator in the email selector.