Top 20 internet millionaires
Ok, I totally missed this amidst CES, but apparently I made some random site’s Top 20 Internet Millionaires Under 30 list, which in turn made it on Digg. The only problem: not that I’d share my finances with some random site, but I’m definitely nowhere near a millionaire. Billionaire, yes. How dare they insult my mountains of money?

So what actually happened is this garbage make your internet riches while you’re young site (that I won’t link to / support) did a list of the top 20 sites run by under-30s, and one of the metrics they used to judge rank was “annual turnover”. Apparently Engadget “turns over” $20m per year (which is news to me, I think I only had $5-10 in fruit turnovers in 2007), which was interpreted by another even crappier site as the net worth of those listed — which landed me on spammy list after list of millionaires.

I’d just like to take this chance to clear the air and let everyone know I’m keeping it real with the rest of the non-millionaires (for now). Sorry ladies.