I didn’t really have the time to re-tool my site to go magenta the right way like the Phone Scoop guys, but feel free to swipe the above image — that’s Engadget Mobile magenta #ed008c with Linotype’s VAG Round (which can be found online for free with a bit of searching).

On a personal note, I feel kind of bad for T-Mobile US on this whole thing. I’ve always had a really positive relationship with their teams and they’re the ones really feeling the blunt end of this reddish-purple-hued fiasco, certainly not their clueless parent company Deutsche Telekom, which initiated it. (And yes, there is a difference between T-Mo US and Deutsche Telekom, just like there’s a difference between Engadget, AOL, and Time Warner.)

P.S. -Not an April Fool’s joke. (Still!)