The other Twitter-related post I’ve been wanting to write lately regards the correlation between the decline of “regular” blogging (which I’m now referring to as macroblogging), and microblogging (specifically, Twittering). Ask anyone with a blog that also spends time Twittering, and they’ll likely tell you that as their microblogging has gone up, their macroblogging has gone down. That’s definitely been my take — I’ve been Twittering a lot more in the last six months, and I feel like it’s has a substantial impact on the volume of posting on my personal site.

So I decided to plot the numbers to prove the theory that Twittering was, in fact, causing my personal blogging to atrophy. I had a very clear image in my head of what the two lines would look like: the blog would be trending down ever so slowly, taking nosedives during busy months, while the Twitter line would be going up pretty fast. So you can imagine my utter surprise when I hit the render chart button and the following showed up.

Although it’s obvious that my microblogging activity has exploded over the past few months, I absolutely was not expecting to find that as each activity goes up or down, the other almost always moves with it in parallel. Clearly it’s not always directly proportional (as most dramatically evidenced in this March’s spike), but that’s easily attributed to the ease and speed of microblogging vs. writing a full blog post — which is probably what led to the assumption that one affected the other in the first place.

So totally counter to that intuition, it would seem that, at least in my case, microblogging and blogging are not at all in opposition. If anything, both are probably just tied to the total amount of free time I have at my disposal. Hopefully others will chart their respective micro/macroblogging output so we can see if this revised theory of blog-atrophy actually holds true.

P.S. -Big ups to Twitterholic for spying keeping track of everybody’s Twitter usage.