Lots of media buys going down lately — some solid, others a little harder to see. But for better or worse, in the last couple of years the new media market’s definitely trending heavily on the corporate-acquired end of things. Just for grins, let’s take a quick look at who owns who. Note: this is by no means an exhaustive list (nor does it include aggregators like Techmeme or Digg), just a few of the popular editor editor-driven tech sites on my radar.

Ars Technica – CondéNet (Condé Nast)
Crave – CNET (CBS)
Engadget – AOL (Time Warner)
Slashdot – SourceForge, Inc.
Wired blogs (Danger Room, Epicenter, etc.) – CondéNet (Condé Nast)

BoingBoing – Happy Mutants, LLC
GigaOM – GigaOmni Media
Gizmodo – Gawker Media
PaidContent – ContentNext Media, Inc.
Silicon Alley Insider – Silicon Alley Insider, Inc
TechCrunch – Interserve, Inc.
VentureBeat – VentureBeat, Inc.

Independent, on hire
Fake Steve Jobs – Forbes
Scobleizer – FastCompany (Mansueto Ventures, LLC)