Of all the AP quotation commentary floating around in the last week, I think possibly the most effective point came from [edit] a certain well-known conservative author [/edit] who, by the AP’s own scale, claims she’s “owed” some $130k for unauthorized quotes and excerpts from her blog. Clearly, if the AP wants to impose these totally arbitrary rules on others, it’d better be prepared to live by them itself. (And let’s not even get into the irony of the AP accepting free, in-the-field breaking news submissions from “citizen journalists.”)

It seems like life in the (rapidly shrinking) print bubble has severely distorted the AP’s outlook in the midst of an increasingly predominent all-digital media landscape. If I were them I’d be careful in the coming weeks and months — unlike the print pubs that syndicate their news, there isn’t any real need for the AP on the internet, and at this rate I’m not sure they’ll be missed.