Looks like CNET / CBSi is making some more cutbacks after all; granted, with an acquisition as large as theirs ($1.2b, hundreds of employees), there were bound to be some redundancies, despite the company’s claims there would be “very few.” After CNET laid off 120+ employees earlier this year in preparation for its eventual sale to CBS, I’ve learned CBS Interactive (which represents CNET and CBS’s other online properties) also supposedly laid off top executives CTO Mark Kortekaas and SVP Dan Smith, in addition to 15 New York-based positions in accounting / finance.

I’ve also heard rumblings that CBSi COO Steve Snyder and CEO Quincy Smith may not make it through the year in their current executive positions, but that sounds a bit more speculative at this point. Of course, neither CNET nor Kortekaas would officially confirm or comment on anything for me — nor can I say with certainty whether those let go are only part of a larger number of employees being laid off. Either way, definitely a bummer for all those involved.