My list of (largely) simple, yet unrealized or otherwise infeasible stuff that I’d really love to give and receive this holiday season. Stuff which I suspect would lift many a nerdy spirit in these crazy, bleak days.

10. An anti-glare option — or at least a 3rd party coating — for the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros.
9. A robot that hangs up my shirts and coats. That’s all it has to do.
8. Apple opens up and lets devs access all the great, juicy private APIs that make their default applications so amazing.
7. Native multi-touch for the G1. And a 3.5mm headphone jack, while we’re at it.
6. A travel mouse that is large enough to feel comfortable, yet uses Bluetooth (and not 2.4GHz RF). I’ve tried many, been satisfied with none. I think Microsoft’s Arc might be getting close, though.
5. Apple’s quietly delayed new in-ear headphones. They might suck, but I’m curious to try them out. Especially since supposedly the iPhone isn’t supported (WTF?).
4. An industry-wide PR-do-not-call list.
3. Chrome for OS X and Linux.
2. To finally show people gdgt. (Soon!)
1. Tesla Model S. I’d take a Roadster, though — who wouldn’t?