gdgtPeter and I have been working our asses off getting gdgt ready for launch, and now that we’re rounding third base we decided it was time to find a lead developer who could help make the site even better.

We’re looking for someone who’s hungry — a strong technical leader who is willing to grow (with) the company and give 150% toward executing against our vision of yet again redefining the online gadget space. It’s a pretty awesome opportunity to partner with us (we’re offering an ownership role for the right person) and to be a part of what we think is going to be a really amazing business.

You should be well acquainted with:

  • PHP and caching with APC / memcache, etc.
  • jQuery-based interactivity (and the usual XHTML / CSS / JS stuff, of course)
  • MySQL / InnoDB
  • Scalable code and architectures
  • Excellent project management practices

Candidates should be prepared for the startup lifestyle, and would ideally live in the SF Bay Area — but since we tend to work virtually, we can also be flexible on location.

If this sounds like it might be a good fit for you or someone you know, please email contact at gdgt; include links to your previous projects and a brief description of your involvement. Resumes are also fine, but do not include any attachments. Thanks!