Tesla Model S
I’m in love with with electric cars, and since I first got wind of Telsa’s all-electric luxury sedan, I knew it would probably be the first car I’ve owned in about a decade. Tesla was kind enough to put a Model S prototype on display at their Menlo Park showroom, and I have to say, as a total gadget geek, it didn’t disappoint: I’ve got a video tour and a photo gallery both posted after the break. (Direct links here to video and photos.)

The Model S is clearly early hardware, but the styling is impeccable (I’m an especially big fan of the jet engine turbofan-inspired wheels). And the massive, 3G-connected console touchscreen could be a game-changer — especially since they’re not just stopping with built in Pandora and Google Maps, and are intending to open the platform up to app development (presumably anywhere from telemetrics to voice-enabled email). Naturally it’s hard to give a full assessment on the Model S given the fact that most of its systems were deactivated and they weren’t providing test drives, but I think there’s little doubt Tesla’s on the right track. Fingers crossed these guys make it to production!