redesignI’m a little surprised by how long I managed to put off redesigning this site, but it’s finally got a new look inspired by the design work we’ve been doing on gdgt over the past few months.

Although it’s not a radical departure, blogging as a format — even personal blogging — has changed significantly in the four years since my last design. A venue for a simple feed of blog posts almost feels like it’s from a bygone era; although I’m not a big Tumblr user, it’s easy to see the appeal of blog-like content aggregation points.

The new (re)distribution of that content is a concept I tried to loosely work in here: besides only showing one full (and two abridged) posts on the front page, the layout now has a more naturally integrated Twitter feed on the right, and by scrolling down you’ll also pick up more of what I’ve posted elsewhere (like Engadget, for example).

Also changed: Mosso is now hosting this site. They also host our live event coverage at, and if they can stand up to one of my liveblogs, they can surely stand up to just about anything. Shout outs also go to John WisemanBrolly for the great work on building out the new template.

Please do hit up the comments and let me know what you think, or if you’re noticing any visual tics or anomalies.