I know a lot of really smart, talented people in PR and marketing. This post isn’t really for them. They know that a relationship matters more than a story, and that results are measured continuously – sometimes over a span of years — not necessarily immediately. And they know it’s not just about being easy to work with, it’s about being a real person, and treating your industry colleagues (especially the ones with ink) with mutual respect.

Naw, this is just for the people who care too little to do three minutes of homework before making a wasted five minute pitch; who email and immediately call to follow up; who just can’t tell when they’ve crossed the line; or who just don’t know how to lose your email address, no matter how many times you ask. People like Andy Marken of Marken Communications (andy@markencom.com), whose name has become infamous in tech journalist circles for representing everything dysfunctional with certain old models of PR.

I know for some it can be hard work, but don’t be Andy. Your company and/or clients will thank you.