It’s super easy to sit around all year whining about how our tech could be better — and it can always be better — but there are some things that still give me a little endorphin rush every time I use ‘em. Things that would make life suck a little (or a lot) more if I had to do without. My top ten for 2010, in order:

10. Alfred – my new favorite launcher / keyboard Swiss army knife. Replaced the languishing and ever-slow-feeling Quicksilver.
9. Bisley multidrawer cabinets – okay, it’s not exactly tech, but never before have my gadgets been this organized.
8. Apple Magic Mouse – I was highly skeptical when I began using it (especially because of how annoying right clicks are), but I knew I was hooked when my fingers instinctively started dragging across the surfaces of my other, more traditional mice.
7. Sonos S5 and ZP90- after all these years Veronica and I are finally getting the full Sonos effect in our new multi-level apartment.
6. Simplenote and Notational Velocity – Simplenote’s lack of features is what drew me away from Evernote, but combining it with the incredibly sleek NV is what really hooked me.
5. Reeder – Silvio Rizzi has set a new bar for UI elegance and beauty. Basically nothing about Reeder sucks, which I have never said about any feed reading app ever. It’s kind of scary how easy Silvio makes it look.
4. Astro A40s – you haven’t gamed until you’ve used surround sound headphones, and these are the best I’ve tested. But Veronica and I not keeping each other up during late night gaming sessions is well worth the cost of admission alone for these or any pair of surround headsets.
3. Chrome (for OS X) – I have no clue how many hours and tabs I’ve logged in Chrome at this point, but I found the experience of switching from Firefox to Chrome every bit as mind blowing switching to from AltaVista to Google back in ’99. Your expectations for what a browser is just instantly and fundamentally change.
2. Instapaper – outside Chrome, I probably spend more time in Instapaper than any other piece of software. I simply could not go back to living without Instapaper.
1. Apple iPad – not much to say about the iPad that hasn’t been said already. It’s become the most important single device in my life (after my phone and laptop). And like many, I consider your phone and laptop totally mandatory and non-negotiable, so I guess that means the iPad is my new #1.

What are yours?

P.S. -Yes, I know it’s been nearly a year since I’ve updated. But things are swinging over at Twitter (and given this post from 2008, the irony of this situation isn’t lost on me). Maybe I should just turn this site in to a huge @ryan aggregator — that might be more appropriate given my usage!
P.P.S. -Updated  kinda-annual nerd wish list coming soon. For a bit of nostalgia, check out how much stuff we’ve gotten from 2008′s list!